Monday, January 26, 2009

Are you bored yet?

Whew! I know it has been quite awhile since I posted on here. I got so busy with Christmas and finals at school that I think my mind didn't wasn't able to even think straight, let alone be able to write something to share on here...

We had a great Christmas! We didn't do as many presents and I feel as though my kids really learned the true meaning of Christmas. They seemed so truly grateful and appreciative of all their family. I felt so blessed this season and am so grateful for my family and friends that surround me and uplift me. Thank you!

We celebrated the New Years with my Jeff, Amber and their kids in Johnson Valley camping. We had a great time hiking, shooting, Yatzee, 1 quad ride and laughing around the campfire. The kids got along great and we made many new memories...

This year seems to be off to a great start and I am really looking forward to CJ being baptized and watching Justin start kindergarten this fall!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


This past weekend I started thinking that I miss my kids... I mean that I miss spending one on one time with just them. Our days are so crazy busy and we are always rushing to get things done. I go to school two days a week and don't get home until they are in bed asleep. The days that I am with them I feel like I am preoccupied with other things. So I started thinking that I would surprise them and pick them up from school and take them to Disneyland. My Sgt ok'd the time off and I went and surprised CJ first. The look on his face was priceless. He was so excited to see me. We then went to Justin's school to pick him up. When he saw me his face lit up and he came running to me. Those feelings I had are beyond words. I don't get to pick up my babies often and I can't even begin to express how sad that makes me... I told them they had a Dr's appointment to go too, and off we went. When we got by Disneyland CJ said "Hey the Dr's is next to Disneyland. Can we go there after?" I told them we'd have to see how they behaved... Then I turned into Disneyland Parking and they told me I was going to wrong way. I said "Well since we're turning into the parking lot we'll just blow off the Dr's and have some fun." They were really excited. I told them once we were on the tram that they really never had an appointment, Mom was just tricking them.

We went to California Adventures and went on Soarin' Over California. Justin had never been and CJ really couldn't remember what it was like. They both loved it!!

We then went and played in the Redwood Forest and had a lot of fun.

Next we headed over to the new Toy Story Shooting Gallery and I loved it! Nana & Papa and Uncle Jim & Aunt Linda happened to be there the same day and they went on that ride with us.

We then went to Disneyland and hit up Buzz Lightyear, the Monorail and Matterhorn. CJ hadn't had the courage to do that ride until now and he wanted to ride it again, but the lights were about to be turned on at It's A Small World. We went over there and again met Nana & Papa and Uncle Jim & Aunt Linda. I was hoping to head home after the lights were turned on but Papa had to tell the kids that it was going to snow, so they begged me to let them stay for that. I agreed but only after CJ promised he'd do his homework on the way home, (which he did).

We got home about 7pm and we were all pooped. We had a lot of fun and I am so grateful that I was able to spend some fun time with my special precious boys. I love them so much and love their innocence and their sweet spirits they possess.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

CJ, George & Taylor (friends from class)

Justin & Paige

Justin as "The Dark Knight"

CJ as "Dr Jones"

This was the first year that I didn't end up having to work on Halloweeen, so I got to dress up as a mom. I was so excited that I got help in CJ's class this year. They had a fun Halloween Parade and then went around to all the 2nd grade classes for some fun games. After the kids were done we ended back in CJ's class for a Halloween Pizza Party.

The kids were all dressed so cute and had a great time! Now we're getting ready to head out to a friends Halloween party and do some major trick or treating.

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween...

Pumpkin Patch

This year CJ's school had their own Pumpkin Patch. The boys were excited to get to pick out their very own pumpkins for carving.

Friday, October 17, 2008

What Happens On The Cruise Ship...

Doesn't Stay on the Cruise Ship
It's Posted On My Blog!!

Friday, October 10th, 2008
Ensenada here we come!! We were so excited to be setting off for a weekend of relaxation. We were set to depart at 5:30pm from San Pedro. The day got off to a stressful start when Amber realized she lost Jeff's birth certificate and their marriage certificate. I tried to calm her down and tell her that we still had time to go to the County Recorder's Office to get new copies. After some searching, they found them. OK, we're back on track once again. They picked up Chris from the house and then they swung by my work and picked me up. We got down to the Port and had a toothless wonder help us with our luggage. He was seriously scary!! We get in line to check in, let me tell you, there are a lot of lines!! We are now up at the ticket window and the lady verifying our documents was taking forever. I'm thinking to myself "What the freak lady? Why are looking at my birth certificate like their is a problem? OH @*!#, because their is a problem!!" We have an abstract marriage certificate AND a regular marriage certificate. I didn't realize that we had two different ones. I grabbed Chris' birth certificate and I thought mine and our marriage certificate. Luckily when I was packing my ID, I had a feeling to pack my work ID. Another employee saw that we were having a problem and he offered to help us. He saw my work ID and talked to a manager. He said that if I could have a supervisor at work verify that I was in fact a US citizen and fax over that documentation they would allow that. Again pure luck, my Sgt. happened to be working overtime that day, I called her and explained the situation. She happily typed up a memo and faxed it over. The cruise line verified the memo and gave me the OK to board the ship, with strict instructions...
If anyone asks, you lost your birth certificate when you were on board!!

I think they are looking for a passenger that boarded without a proper birth certificate...

We always go prepared...
After doing "The Munster Drill", we walked around the ship and checked things out. We booked our trip late so we got put on the late dinner shift, 8:30 pm, so we hung out until it was time for dinner. Earlier in the day Jeff was saying what number their dinner table was, I thought he was joking (he said a different number than what Chris and I had) so I kept going along with it. It wasn't until we walked into the dining room and they tried putting us at different tables that we discovered the mis-hap. So we had to go to talk to the maitre'd and get switched. They put us at a table with eight other people and their were 3 seats together and one across from the others. I opted to be the loner and sat down. Jeff apparently didn't like this, so he once again when to talk to the maitre'd. We started ordering our dinners and Jeff comes back and tells us we got switched again to another table and to go with him. We didn't want to look like A$$es in front of the other table members, so we said "We'll just switch them the next night." The two other people at our end of the table started talking to us throughout dinner and we all got along great! After dinner we decided we didn't want to switch tables, we really liked them and wanted to hang out with them, so we headed over to the Comedy Show and got in a few laughs before turning in for the night.

The next morning we went and got a bite to eat. There we sat with an older couple and their grandson. They were on the cruise with their entire family, all their kids and grand kids, we didn't think to ask how many... Are we rude or what?? Their grandson at breakfast was in his early twenties and we nicknamed him "Breakfast Buddy". I'm not sure why, but whenever we saw him throughout the cruise we called out to him "Hey Breakfast Buddy" and he would come over and talk to us... (I really should have taken his picture) It was funny... I guess you had to be there...

We got off the ship and took a tour bus over to Mango Mango for a cooking class. Who goes to Mexico and takes a cooking class? Us, Apparently! Jeff & Chris weren't too happy with us... Your learning how to make guacamole and your gonna like it!! While there we heard a great song, the only words we understood were..."A Beep, Beep, Beep"

This is our bus driver trying to fix the step. It was his first day on the job and didn't know he had to pull up the step or it would get stuck on the street... After removing the step completely he took us on a tour of Ensenada. We were a little worried when he started driving up the side of the mountain on dirt roads. Where were they taking us? Oh, we get a better view from up here... The big Mango colored building is Mango Mango. We heard they have great guacamole today...

Before dinner we went Rock Climbing. It was a lot of fun. We determined Justin gets his climbing skills from his daddy. He scaled up the rock without even blinking.

After dinner we went to the nightclub for a little Karaoke. The "Tree Buddies" (that's the name they gave themselves) surprised us with their version of "Hey, Hey, we're the Monkeys". After karaoke we hit the dance floor and had fun mimicking all of the dancers out there.

Sunday was a day of relaxation. We hung out on the top deck, got some sun, and relaxed.

We really had a great time with each other and the other two people we met, Chris and Ben from Huntington Beach. Our dinner table was the loudest. It was like we thought we were back at Youth Conference and had to out do the other tables. We started chanting our waiters names and I think embarrassed the other people at our table. I have seriously not laughed that hard in forever. My stomach muscles definitely got a workout from all our laughing. Our waiters names were Putu and Su. So it was PUTU SU! PUTU SU! all night long.

We had so much fun and are grateful to have great grandparents willing to take all six of their grandchildren for the entire weekend. The kids had fun at Nana & Papa's house, they went shooting, miniature golfing and had fights with their marshmallow guns.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Way To Go CJ!

We received notice that on Friday, October 10th 2008 CJ was going to receive an award at school during the assembly. I was bummed as I had to work but Chris had the day off, so I knew that would make CJ happy to see his daddy there. Chris dropped him off at school and snuck into the cafeteria and waited with Nana and Justin for CJ to come in. When he walked in he was so excited to see them and didn't know that he was receiving an award. His award was for Language Arts & Reading
We are so proud of CJ and he is an excellent reader!
Way to go CJ!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Where have I been?

Well, I guess with the start of school for the boys and myself it feels as though I don't have much time for posting on my blog. The days that I don't have school, we're working on CJ's homework and trying to do my homework at the same time. CJ thinks that it is so cool to do his homework along side me. I am really re-thinking the whole school thing... What did I get myself into? I am too old for this... Oh well, this is the choice that I made, I need to stick with it.

CJ started karate the beginning of September. He said he would give it a try and through the city we only had to commit to one month at a time. He seems to be enjoying it. He is funny though, after he's done he complains that it is a lot of work and that he's very tired. That's my CJ!! We signed on for another month.

Justin started soccer the beginning of September, also through the city and he really likes it. At first he wanted me to stand right next to him but I reassured him that all of the other parents were also sitting on the sidelines. After that he was OK with me just watching. He enjoys it and has had fun going to the park practicing.

A talent my boys had I never knew about... The other day I see Justin in his door frame all the way at the top. CJ saw and he had to try. I guess that's what boys do. Go figure, I never did that...

The other day Justin came in the room and I couldn't figure out what was on his face...Then I asked him "Did you put on my makeup?" He very proudly said "Yes, I used the black stuff." All I can say is, at least he knew where to put it...

I guess that's it for now. Hopefully I won't take another 3 weeks to post again...